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How Can MNOs Capitalise on the Emerging $10 billion Mobile Video and TV Market?

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A recent report from Juniper Research has identified significant opportunities in the growing mobile video and TV market. However, it also identifies major challenges, particularly for mobile operators. According to the research, MNOs “will face continued pressure on their network capacity whilst at the same time striving to attract revenue from video and TV usage”.

As the authors note, “some operators are able to leverage this opportunity through Wi-Fi offload and the services that they already offer via their triple-play bundles”. However, “other [MNOs] need to innovate and adjust their business models to the burgeoning OTT opportunity”.

In order to meet these challenges, there are two clear requirements. First, MNOs need to be able to manage offload to Wi-Fi networks in order to efficiently manage network resources and to meet consumer expectations of video playback and streaming quality. Secondly, MNOs must integrate offload and service assurance solutions into price plans and charging methods.

To efficiently meet the first requirement, MNOs should deploy ANDSF solutions that enable automatic network selection. But, they need to go further and extend ANDSF functionality directly to smart devices so that network selection can be optimised to the specific requirements of individual users. By distributing the ANDSF into smart devices, MNOs can more enable a richer user experience by selecting the optimum access network for specific applications.

Doing so will also enable MNOs to more effectively meet the second requirement. The distributed ANDSF can be fully integrated with the overall network policy architecture, enabling MNOs to manage and monetise consumption. With ANDSF enabled on smart devices, MNOs can implement policies that enable content to be delivered according to the network conditions and price plan of individual customers.

For example with the distributed ANDSF / PCEF solution from GoS Networks, they can automatically switch to the best available connection in real-time depending on the application. This means that they can immediately enhance or maintain the experience for those customers with premium plans or offer real-time upgrade options for those with data caps or basic packages. While MNOs may not necessarily offer content directly, with a distributed ANDSF solution, they can offer value to their customers and generate revenue from increased video and TV consumption.

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