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Supporting the Mobile Enterprise with Policy on the Smart Connected Device

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The migration of enterprise CRM, ERP and BI applications and cloud based services to mobile smart connected devices, such as tablets and smartphones is driving an industry that a recent Markets & Markets report believes was worth $67.21 B in 2011 and will grow to $ 181 B by 2017.

As part of this migration an industry has grown up around mobile device and application management (MDM and MAM) to support CIO’s and IT support groups with the management of owned devices and application availability on bring your own device (BYOD), with a total estimated user base of 2.4 Billion enterprise smart phones by 2017 and 97 Million tablets (Abi and Infinite Research).

Some examples of how policy on these smart connected devices can help are:-

  • Priority – As real time services such as unified communications (UC) and IP conferencing start to be mixed with information and data services on the smart connected device, the management of SLA’s and prioritisation of real time voice and video drives the need for policy controls to assure user experience.
  • Personal vs Professional – Additionally with BYOD the ability for different user traffic to be directed to different networks e.g. my facebook uses my mobile network data plan, but enterprise UC defaults to using corporate WiFi when in the office. Also potentially the ability for service providers to create alternative private and professional data plans, with different traffic being sent to different networks (APN’s)
  • Bill shock controls – Also location and time of day aware usage policies may be applied, e.g. turn off data roaming when not connected to the preferred operator and always opt for a roaming WiFi partner, this can even be on a per country basis.
  • Performance monitoring – The reporting of actual application and network performance can enable the monitoring of SLA’s and where appropriate the service provider can act to improve network performance as seen by the device.
  • VPN aware – And being on the device enables these service controls before traffic enters the VPN tunnel, enabling traffic classification and prioritization but still fully secured.

These are ways in which service providers can make themselves relevant to the enterprise and help with the mobile enterprise explosion.

GoS Networks to Exhibit and Speak at Mobile Broadband World

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GoS Networks will be exhibiting and speaking at the Mobile Broadband World conference at the Canary Wharf Hilton in London, from the 25th – 26th September.

With more than 55 speakers, Mobile Broadband World brings together top level decision makers involved in every step of mobile broadband deployment from network strategy to service delivery.

It is the only conference to address the needs of mobile operators of all technologies, focusing on major market challenges including: Finance and efficiency, Monetizing wireless data, The impact of regulation on policy management, End to end implementation and operations and Offloading and backhaul.

Why not join us at Mobile Broadband World ?


GoS Networks Joins the TM Forum!

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GoS Networks is delighted to announce that it has joined the TM Forum. Recognised throughout the industry, the TM Forum is a global, non-profit industry association focused on enabling service provider agility and innovation.

Joining the TM Forum is another example of GoS Networks’ commitment to evolving best practice in the service provider community. Initiatives led by the TM Forum have acted as a unifying force across industries, enabling more than 900 member companies to solve critical business issues through access to a wealth of knowledge, intellectual capital and standards.

GoS Networks will use its membership of the TM Forum to forge closer links with service providers and help them overcome the challenges of delivering true end-to-end policy solutions, up to and including mobile devices.

As the industry moves to dynamic service activation and charging models, it’s essential to develop and exploit common frameworks. Future profitability and revenues will depend on the ability to deliver services reliably, efficiently and at the right level of performance. Policy management is critical to this and GoS Networks’ innovative solutions that enable the delivery of policy control directly to mobile devices provide clear differentiation for service providers.

The Forum provides a unique, fair and safe environment for the entire value-chain to collaborate and overcome the barriers to a vibrant, open digital economy, helping member companies of all sizes gain a competitive edge by enabling efficiency and agility in their IT and operations.