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GoS Networks to Exhibit and Speak at Mobile Broadband World

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GoS Networks will be exhibiting and speaking at the Mobile Broadband World conference at the Canary Wharf Hilton in London, from the 25th – 26th September.

With more than 55 speakers, Mobile Broadband World brings together top level decision makers involved in every step of mobile broadband deployment from network strategy to service delivery.

It is the only conference to address the needs of mobile operators of all technologies, focusing on major market challenges including: Finance and efficiency, Monetizing wireless data, The impact of regulation on policy management, End to end implementation and operations and Offloading and backhaul.

Why not join us at Mobile Broadband World ?


GoS Networks Joins the TM Forum!

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GoS Networks is delighted to announce that it has joined the TM Forum. Recognised throughout the industry, the TM Forum is a global, non-profit industry association focused on enabling service provider agility and innovation.

Joining the TM Forum is another example of GoS Networks’ commitment to evolving best practice in the service provider community. Initiatives led by the TM Forum have acted as a unifying force across industries, enabling more than 900 member companies to solve critical business issues through access to a wealth of knowledge, intellectual capital and standards.

GoS Networks will use its membership of the TM Forum to forge closer links with service providers and help them overcome the challenges of delivering true end-to-end policy solutions, up to and including mobile devices.

As the industry moves to dynamic service activation and charging models, it’s essential to develop and exploit common frameworks. Future profitability and revenues will depend on the ability to deliver services reliably, efficiently and at the right level of performance. Policy management is critical to this and GoS Networks’ innovative solutions that enable the delivery of policy control directly to mobile devices provide clear differentiation for service providers.

The Forum provides a unique, fair and safe environment for the entire value-chain to collaborate and overcome the barriers to a vibrant, open digital economy, helping member companies of all sizes gain a competitive edge by enabling efficiency and agility in their IT and operations.

Video Gaming Growth: The Online Challenge

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The gaming market continues to enjoy strong growth with surging demand expected until at least 2015, according to recent research. Online gaming is forecast to make a significant – and growing – contribution to the total. In fact, it’s predicted that online gaming will surpass the sales of physical units by 2013.

While that’s excellent news for the gaming industry – online models have significant cost benefits in terms of distribution and can generate recurring subscription revenues – it also presents challenges. Online gamers need to have sufficient bandwidth to enjoy an optimal experience – and this applies in both the downstream and upstream direction. They need guarantees of service to ensure that they really can obtain an experience equivalent to a localised version.

Some operators have already addressed this by developing enhanced broadband service packages that specifically address the gaming market and provide guarantees of delay, ping time, round trip and so on. The theory is that users will pay a marginal premium to enjoy an optimised quality of service. While that’s yet to be proven, the challenge is likely to continue to grow, as the devices through which players access games proliferate. A gamer might use a PC for a shared WiFi connection to a fixed DSL link for some of the time, move to a tablet or pad and then continue to play via a mobile device. They will come to expect the same service across all of these, but the network performance may vary considerably. They will also be competing with family members or users within the same cell for the available bandwidth.

That’s why operators need to think about how to account for the specific devices that users will access. They need to consider how to deliver an optimised experience across all devices. It’s one thing to offer such services and capabilities if you own the network, but how can such services be optimised if the user is accessing the same service across a different network?

This raises interesting questions about the ability of operators to offer enhanced services on a wholesale basis – and the importance of working hand-in-hand with the gaming industry to ensure that such optimised services can be made available. To achieve this will require some thought about how to deliver services across different networks but also how to deploy localised software on devices that enable applications to perform as required. The gaming industry is set to boom, but it’s clear that there are challenges ahead to provide the service that will ensure expectations are met.