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Can Service Providers charge for video?

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According to a vox populi poll at the recent IMS World Forum, the answer is no. Admittedly, this was just based on a show of hands, but enough service providers were in the room to suggest it was representative. Perhaps no-one was prepared to stand up and be counted.

Whatever the reason, the feedback suggests great uncertainty regarding charging models for video calling. But, it also raises more questions. Under what circumstances could video be something that does attract a premium? Can there be any such circumstances under which this might happen? Are users so accustomed to free video that charges will be unacceptable under any circumstances?

As service providers seek to differentiate their offers and plans -  and consider the addition of rich communications services – they are going to have to come up with some really good reasons why video could become a premium service, rather than one that is simply taken for granted.

Optimising Networks for Video Conference

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Peter Thomson, Chief Scientist of GoS Networks, will be speaking at IIR’s Optimising Networks for Video Delivery conference in Warsaw from 21st – 23rd September. Peter will deliver a presentation on “Monitoring, measuring and controlling video QoE to the edge device, whilst protecting other services”. His presentation will address the following topics:

  • Guaranteeing QoS even with network congestion
  • Balancing QoE between video and other applications
  • Ensuring consistent, predictable and efficient QoE with efficient bandwidth usage
  • Achieving service demarcation and diagnostics across any device

The conference is co-located with the Carrier Ethernet World Congress and Transport Network Strategies Conferences. More information can be found here.