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The Complexities of Service Assurance Demand an End-to-End Approach

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Service assurance is a complex challenge for operators. They have complicated networks with a wide range of solutions to manage. Until recently, the emphasis has largely been on ensuring that the network functions correctly, with trouble-shooting being a key element of that task.

Lately, more attention has been paid to the needs of the user – as their consumption of services has increased and network operators have had to wrestle with delivering services from a growing range of over-the-top providers, user experience has become a critical factor. In fact, it has a significant role in network selection and hence in both attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Customer experience matters, as it impacts the bottom line.

That’s why, in addition to ensuring that the network is functioning correctly and adapts to growth, network operators have to understand more about how services perform from the perspective of the customer – both individually and in aggregate. Service assurance programmes must now include not only individual users but also a wider range of smart devices that have different characteristics.

Additionally as customers connect to heterogeneous networks to obtain an always best connected experience, in many cases the service is being delivered through third-party networks (for example, WiFi public access points). This can lead to a lack of visibility of user experience and whether the third parties are meeting service SLA’s.

The only way to achieve a true end-to-end view of performance from an end user perspective across any used network is to deploy solutions on smart devices that can provide data on performance and that can work to optimise conditions in conjunction with network policy platforms. GoS 360° enables network operators to understand the user experience at the level of the device and to act to ensure that it is delivered as expected. At the same time as helping to meet individual user expectations, aggregated data can provide a picture of experience across owned and third-party networks.

Service assurance is a key tool in helping protect and grow revenue and profit. Network operators must integrate the user perspective into their service assurance programmes so that they understand and keep abreast of growing user demands – and ensure that their own service guarantees are met. Why not talk to GoS and find out how we help network operators meet this challenge?

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